March 19, 2008

Eruos to Pounds. . .

Today was our last day in Florence and we headed back into town to see the statue of David.
In the Accademia Gallery Michelangelo not only created David but also he created "Slaves" between 1520 and 1530. There he left six statues unfinished, some whose facial features are barely suggested beneath the fog of marble, which expressed his nature and the symbolic of the incompleteness that plagued him throughout his career. These pieces and their struggle to free themselves from the prison of the enormous marble blocks was inspiring. Probably one of the coolest thing we have seen yet and it was "unfinished"...go figure.

Our last night in Florence was amazing... it rained, and then cleared up to a beautiful
sunset and a clear blue sky. Everyone was out in the streets enjoying the cool night.

The next morning we were off to the train station to head back down to Rome to catch our 5:15 pm flight out to London. We ended up getting a earlier train then we expected and we were off running to deck number 24. The train was getting ready to leave so we jumped on and grabbed our seats. On the train ride down it started snowing through Tuscan hills, it was beautiful!

(Monique waiting for the train in)

Once in Rome we had some time to grab some lunch and a cappuccino before we were off again on our next train ride to the airport!

In London again and we can understand people.. Its cold but nice and the parks are pretty

tomorrow we walk around for the fist time

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