March 04, 2008

Almost gone...

The last 10 days has been seriously non-stop action for me... Stress through work and trying to get projects done before vacation, last minute plans for Italy, the Vision Quest to kill any physical energy I had..then a presentation about Cisco Systems and my company delivered to Cisco itself in front of a judging panel. ahhggg... I almost put off the VQ to make more time for it but I am so glad that I didn't turn it down. VQ was a blast and I needed that as a release I think. Now I just stepped into a Starbucks after walking out of the Cisco Panel and found out I passed so I am SOOOO stoked!!! VQ done. TSS with Cisco done. Almost ready to get out of the US and relax! ;-)

Here is part of my presentation and architecture design around security that was supportive documentation. Nerd-dom accomplished!

Customer details removed for your protection!

I have been so swamped I didn't even see the results from the VQ until I checked my email and saw a few encouraging friends give me some congrats. So cool... I am glad that I did it and next year I am going to train for it fo-sho!! I looked at the results and had no idea. Funny stuff.

VQ and this panel today have really showed me how much the people in my life allow me to do the things I love... I feel so selfish but so stoked I have people praying for me and supporting me when I am too busy to pull my head out for some air. Thank you Lord for the people in my life! Hopefully, I can be used the same way in YOUR life ;-)

Our plans for Italy are complete and I will post so you all can follow Monique and I through the country. We are almost gone . . .

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