March 29, 2008

Folsom preview

I feel like yesterday was the first day the jet lag was finally shaken off and the grind of work was starting to move back in...On the road again... We are off and free to another destination and the US of A is sooo easy to travel through with our new perspective ;-)

The idea for the weekend was to camp it out like we did last year and ride the course the day before but the constant rain on the way up and the recent memories of those warm hotel beds made it too easy to pull into a Marriott and call it a day. Ahh...nice.

We did get up early enough however to grab some bfast and head to the races scene. TFB racing always has something going on here just about every weekend and it is easy to see why...Loads of diversity through roads, trails and water in just about every direction. Auburn is less than an hour away, Tahoe about two hours and that is IF you ever run out of things to do right here in Folsom. . .

Today there was a trail run, mini-tri and a health mix of TFB crew and loved ones showing the support out in the rain.

We made our way around the bike course and I think the rain just make it even better. No deep sand traps and fast. Mud makes me happy ;-)

(The course is in PERFECT shape!)

(Monique making the climbs in in the back of the loop)

This year Monique is stepping up to the starting line and this will be her first Xterra! She is ready but after our little dip in the lake we spend the day chasing down some neoprene swim caps because the water was so cold. We may need a nice long warmup and venti mocha to get us going in the morning. Despite the recent rain the water in the lake was sooo lowww... This is going to be one long run to the transition after the swim. The transition is still about 100 yards the other way from the picture below and it took us over 10min to walk to the waters edge.

The swim also was my first test in my new suit. Matching suits? Funny how we arrived at the same result but I spent way more time and energy after Moniuqe just ordered hers about a month ago online. I just know it is the best fit for me. In the last two months I have tried on the 2XU lineup, De Soto, Orca 3.8 and Apex and one Zoot suit and NOTHING feels this good. I have two suits already but went from my QR large and Orca size Med to a small Xterra and it is a perfect fit. So stretching and snug. Love it. We will see how it goes tomorrow...

Check out this dog we saw too... This was a dog from some of the runners today and it was the coolest dog I have ever seen. It is a Australian sheep dog and chow mix.

Time to get some sleep and prepare for the mud floppin' tomorrow.

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