March 11, 2008

Vatican City

Another day in Roma and this time we made it to the Vatican City and even got in a little trail time on some bikes. The rain stopped today but we were pouring out oohs and ahhs as we toured the galleries in the Vatican. We were a little surprised at the amount of "art" as we walked around the city but I believe nothing in the world can compare to what depth the Vatican has to offer. From the St. Peter's Basilica to the Vatican gardens and museums, I just cannot express how amazing it is... You have to see it in person. This was one of the few times in my life that I stopped taking pictures because I realized that the V-City just cannot be captured in a photo. However, I still managed to take almost 400 pictures. Here are a few.

His-story from the lifespan of the bible with detail from Egypt to today

endless halls with the greatest detail were only a passage to more

Stories through art like this physical and spiritual battle depiction

Scale is another story... Pictures just cannot express the SIZE and DETAIL

After over five hours we spent in the museum we managed to find our way out and onto the streets of Roma. Back to the crazy beat of the city where pedestrians, mopeds and tiny cars move in a harmony that only a local could be comfortable with... We read about the moped infested streets but had no idea until we saw the lines and lines of them weaving through traffic and everyone from little girls dressed up to old men in aprons going about their Italy errands.

Soon after walking the streets and heading north we came upon the Villa Borghese Parioli. A huge park and just outside the park we got ourselves some bikes for just around ten Euros. Sweet! Trial time was on in full session . . . even in the middle of Rome.

It was so nice to move about through the park and city on bikes... Weaving just like the mopeds and seeing the back streets and cafe's that are off the beaten path. Our Disneyland map was now easier to explore and just downsized a scale.

We stopped to have a bite and we were surrounded by Italians and not tourists. It was a nice change. . . and GOOD eats!!

We continued our tour around on bikes and watched the sun set atop the hills overlooking the city... A beautiful ending to a beautiful day in Rome.

We also posted some additional pictures of the day over here.

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