January 07, 2009

Some Racing Choices for 2009

Although I have had my ongoing spreadsheet for the last few years now with races and places I thought I would post up some good links for races this year. Maybe something you could give a go? Here is my top off-road favorites.

First....The big one! Conquer the Bear!!!

Mountain Bike
Cross Country Endurance Trail Running Paddle Races
I could race an entire season of just mountain biking and maybe next year that will be my only focus but the Xterra and California Mulitsport races will be my "A" races for this year. The training is going quite well for the early season and I am sticking to what I know works for me.

After three years of racing, I am also reaching out for some sponsors this year. Looking at the almost 70 races I have done in the last few years alone at about $100 per race is a little scary... Add the travel, maintenance for 11 bikes(moniques and mine), 4 boats, etc, etc. and I will need all the help I can get! There are also a lot of companies out there that I would be honored to represent so hopefully I am not too late in asking for help this year.

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