January 16, 2009

get r' done

This week feels like a loooong one for me... I did not start feeling the life back in my legs again until Wednesday and I have had a full schedule at work. Just trying to get r done and start the weekend. We have a three day Sales and Engineering conference in Laguna this week for my work and now my brain is zapped just like my legs were from the weekend. I am just lucky I have such a cool job and flexible schedule most of the time. Live IS good. ;-)

(the view from our conference...not bad)

If you know me, then you know I am passionate about a few things... I love my friends, bikes and COFFEE! Good coffee! I have had the pleasure of drinking some 53x11 coffee through hammer nutrition in the past but when I found out about their rider support and started talking to Evan, it was a natural choice to want to ride for the 53x11 coffee team this year. Not only is their Fair Trade coffee certified Organic and tastes great but they give back to the sport and roads with clean up crews and more. You can check it out over here.

I got my kit in the mail last night and am stoked I will have it to race in this weekend at the Rio Bravo Royal Rumble. Perhaps we will be getting more going in SoCal for the 53x11 team...hmmm, more on that later. We are heading north today for a weekend of "gettin' r done" in bako! We are planning a full weekend of some riding on the local trails with some old friends up there and maybe a swim and a run mixed in too!

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