January 22, 2009

Preride Posture

Yesterday was another full day for me... I had a meeting at 24 hour fitness in San Diego and ended up seeing Jennifer there. I should have known when I saw the Cisco Networkers bag! Her office was all decorated with amazing bike pictures from some epic trips. Represent girl! What a small world.

As I headed down south I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to check out the "new" Temecula course. I know that they had removed the Damn climb for the fist time and I was interested to see how much climbing and new sections were added. Pleasant surprise!

This is probably the coolest of trails linked together that I have seen in the 12 hour course. Way more single track and not too many scary technical sections. The climbing feels like it is spread out a bit more throughout the loop and some bridges and tight switchbacks keep your mind working and enjoying the course.

Maybe it was the rain but the trails felt a little more smoothed out from the last time I was on them and the sand sections were nice and packed. I started my first lap in the middle ring and then never had a need to move it out. . . Maybe I will give Pauls inspirational 1 x 9 setup a go for the race? As it looks now I am racing with Wes Barton but if we had 3 people I would give it a go fo sho... Its a good time to test it out anyways

I know we have a few "out of towners" and friends doing the race so I took a lot of video shots from the new sections. Not very pretty with one hand riding and zero suspension on my ride but it should help them to get a feel for it. I will post it up here when I get it strung together.

On the way home I stopped off for another pool session at the 24 hour fitness in San Juan. This is one of the best pools at a 24 hour. It is outside and you can literally watch the sun set as you are swimming. You can even see the ocean and "glow" from the edge of the pool. Amazing.

When I finished up at the pool I was in perfect timing to catch the OC Tri Club meeting in Irvine. Jessi Stensland was the guest speaker and her inspiration and knowledge was spot on. A swimmer turned pro triathlete and has been killing it at the road races for years...PLUS she is racing the 12 hours of Temecula this weekend with the Intense Bike crew. Killer!

Jessi shared a ton of areas to keep in check and some core moves to keep you balanced. It is all about the little things you focus on that make a big difference in your performance on race day. Posture is key. If I can take that away I am set... Posture!! She has a lot going on and her blog is a great place to get some technique checks and be entertained . . . You can check it out over here http://www.gojessi.com/

See ya at the race this weekend!

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